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We distribute high technology products and systems supplied by world renowned manufacturers

Equipment and solutions

We provide a wide range of sensors, devices, meters and systems. Please select a product category to see representative devices or systems. For every product or group of products a link to the manufacturer’s site is provided.

Temperature measurement

Hand held and laboratory thermometers, transmitters, recorders, sensors, indicators

Temperature calibrators

Portable and laboratory calibrators, temperature baths, thermometer bridges, black body sources

Relative humidity measurement

Hand held and laboratory relative humidity/temperature meters, transmitters, recorders, sensors, indicators

Relative Humidity calibrators

Portable humidity generators, sensor calibrators, calibration solutions, RH/T simulators

Water activity measurement

Portable and laboratory sets, sensors, consumables

Dew point measurement

Dew point hand held meters, Low dew point probes, measurement chambers

Differential pressure measurement

Transmitters, indicators, clean room panels

Recorders and controllers

Data loggers / controllers for a wide variety of input signals, expansion sets, multiplexers, remote data transfer, data processing software

CO2 / CO and Air quality measurement

Hand held meters, multichannel recorders and controllers, sensors, indicators

Gas sensors

Detection and measurement of toxic and explosive gases (ammonia, butane, ethylene, methane, LPG, VOC etc)

Gas mixers

Gas Mixer solutions to manage, control, measure and create Gas Mixtures or Dilutions

Flow meters for gasses and liquids

Flow meters/controllers for liquids and gasses, mass flow meters, calibrators, ultrasonic calorimeters

Measurement of environmental pollution

Detection of oil spills, algae blooms, fluorescent dissolved organic matters (DOM), organic compounds etc.

Meteorological measurements

Meteorological sensors and data loggers, present weather sensors, visibility sensors, electric field sensors, rain gauges, complete weather stations, road weather stations, data reduction software

Wind sensors

Wind speed and direction sensors, industrial wind sensors, First class sensors, 2D & 3D ultrasonic sensors

Wind potential measurements

Wind speed and direction sensors, turbine control sensors, Doppler Lidars

Solar radiation sensors

Full series of pyranometers from B class to Secondary standard classification according to ISO 9060:1990, pyrgeometers, albedometers, UV sensors, shadowband radiometers

Photovoltaic park and panel measurements

Portable sets for maximum power and IV curve measurements of strings and single panels, solar irradiance reference sensors, Panel soiling stations

Upper atmosphere measurements

Automatic radiosonde systems, balloon inflation and release shelters, sky imagers

Atmospheric measurements

Atmospheric temperature profile systems for monitoring the atmospheric boundary layer (ABL) in airports and cities (in air pollution models and control)

Plant physiology measurements

Portable photosynthesis measurement systems with fast AVi curve calculation, soil flux systems, soil respiration chambers, CO2 gas analyzers

Emissivity and reflectivity measurements

Portable and laboratory meters for the measurement of the emissivity and reflectivity of surfaces, direct and at angles

Electric energy and PQ measurements

AC & DC Energy analyzers, power quality measurements, portable sets for energy profiling

Electrical and electronic measuring instruments

Analog and digital oscilloscopes, portable oscilloscopes, frequency meters, function generators, hand held meters

Thermal conductivity measurement

Thermal flow sensors for soil and building walls, thermal conductivity measurement sets for materials

Resistance measurements

Portable ohmmeters, portable and laboratory calibrators

Ultrasonic cleaning systems

Ultrasonic baths, ultrasonic homogenizers, large volume cleaning systems, cleaning agents and accessories

HVAC parameter measurements

Thermal comfort measurements according to ISO7730, air flow and draught measurements, hand held meters

Educational equipment

Portable and bench instruments, experimental set-ups for physics, 3D scanners, educational robots, special software


in Greece of world renowned manufacturers:
Adolf Thies GmbH & Co KG Algodue Elettronica srl Aoip SAS Aranet - SAF Tehnika Bandelin Electronic GmbH & Co KG Campbell Scientific Ltd Electrex Evikon MCI OÜ Good Will Instrument Co Ltd Hukseflux Thermal Sensors BV Ingenieurbüro Mencke & Tegtmeyer GmbH Isotech Ltd KIMO Instruments SA K&H MFG Co Ltd Kipp & Zonen BV Laser Diagnostic Instruments AS Leiderdorp Instruments MCQ Instruments Mobsya Association NRG Systems ONSET Computer Corp PP Systems PV-Engineering GmbH R.M. Young Co Rotronic AG RPO ATTEX LLC Sierra Instruments Inc Surface Optics Corp Swema AB TC Ltd Tempmate GmbH Windspeed Ltd (Vector Instruments) Yankee Environmental Systems Inc

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We manufacture products, assemblies and systems for special technological, scientific and educational needs. We compose and integrate automatic meteorological / hydrological / environmental pollution stations and we manufacture shelters, the required masts, sensor arms and special mechanical assemblies required for the installation. We manufacture a series of products specially designed for the education (experiment assemblies, electronic and microcontroller sets, 3D scanners e.t.c.) as well as equipment for measuring physical parameters. We develop special software for data processing and Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

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