High Technology Products and Systems

We offer in the Greek market high-tech products and systems by internationally recognized firms

  • Information systems and software
  • Scientific instruments and devices
  • Automatic Meteorological and Hydrological Stations
  • Air Pollution Automatic Measuring Stations
  • Meteorological instruments, devices and sensors
  • Flowmeters for liquids and gases
  • Logging measurement systems (dataloggers)
  • Instruments for electronic and electrical measurements
  • Energy analyzers and power consumption meters
  • Instrumentation for the agricultural production & research
  • Devices and sensors measuring temperature and relative humidity
  • Calibration Devices for sensors measuring physical parameters
  • Thermal conductivity measurement systems
  • Traffic volume and car weight on the go measurement systems
  • Road condition measurement systems and public awareness displays
  • Measuring devices and systems for photovoltaic and wind parks
  • Anemometers systems for airports (measurement / recording of wind data)
  • Educational training systems and testing devices
  • Educational STEM and Robotics equipment


in Greece of world renowned manufacturers:
Adolf Thies GmbH & Co KG Aoip SAS Bandelin Electronic GmbH & Co KG Campbell Scientific Ltd Electrex Good Will Instrument Co Ltd Hukseflux Thermal Sensors BV Ingenieurbüro Mencke & Tegtmeyer GmbH Isotech Ltd KIMO Instruments SA K&H MFG Co Ltd Kipp & Zonen BV Leiderdorp Instruments NRG Systems PP Systems PV-Engineering GmbH R.M. Young Co Rotronic AG RPO ATTEX LLC Sierra Instruments Inc Surface Optics Corp Swema AB TC Ltd Windspeed Ltd (Vector Instruments) Yankee Environmental Systems Inc

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We manufacture products, assemblies and systems for special technological, scientific and educational needs. We compose and integrate automatic meteorological / hydrological / environmental pollution stations and we manufacture the required masts, sensor arms and special mechanical assemblies required for the installation. We manufacture a series of products specially designed for the education (experiment assemblies, electronic and microcontroller sets, 3D scanners e.t.c.) as well as equipment for measuring physical parameters. We develop special software for data processing and Internet of Things (IoT) applications.