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Metrology is the science that deals with measurement, the measurement equipment, the reliability of the devices and the confidence of their measurements, the units of measurement and generally with the accurate and validated determination of the physical quantity’s value which describes the properties of a matter or a system. Metrology principles apply in all sciences and sectors of everyday life, commerce, industry, safety, health, quality control etc.

Metrology definition from Greek section

Science and Industry would be meaningless without measurement. In every past second billions of measurements are taking place and their results are used for the required quality assurance of the manufactured products. Practically there is no single field in human activity in which measurement, test and control are not intensively involved. The significance of measurement is obvious. [1]

From all the above we can realize how valuable is calibration for the quality of our lives.

Calibration of a measurement device is the method which determines its ability to make correct measurements. This is normally happens by comparing its measurements with the ones of a more accurate device or by using a reference standard.

Adjustment is the setting of its scale in order to correct its indication to the standards value. When the deviation of the measured value diverges sufficiently, recalibration might be required. In any case a calibration must occur after every adjustment.

Exclusive distribution of all Isotech product range in Greek Market

Isotech has solutions for all calibration needs

Isotech has always tried to anticipate and accommodate customers’ needs in measurement. These needs are often identical to theirs, since they are not only manufacturers of instruments, but also a full scale and accredited calibration laboratory at all levels. They use what they make; they design from their own needs.

Isotech has solutions for all calibration needs, from Primary Laboratories maintaining National Standards to the needs of field engineers calibrating industrial sensors on site. Isotech is truly "The Source for Calibration Professionals".

Please find below the most popular calibration equipment from Isotech product range per application category. For information about Isotech and a list of products please visit our Isotech catalog web page in the Greek language.


  • ITS-90 Fixed point cells
  • Metrology furnaces & apparatus to realise the ITS-90
  • Standard thermometers
  • Platinum resistance thermometers
  • Au/Pt, Pt/Pd, Pd/Au thermocouples
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  • Equipment for the temperature laboratory spanning the range of -200° C to 1.300° C
  • Low temperature calibration
  • Liquid comparison baths
  • Thermocouple calibration furnace
  • Resistance thermometers and thermocouples
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  • Portable dry blocks
  • Temperature baths and calibrators spanning the range of -100° C to 1.200° C
  • Cryogenic dry block
  • Reference probes
  • Temperature simulators
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  • High accuracy single and multichannel instruments for resistance thermometers and thermocouples
  • Surface temperature measurement
  • Accessories
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  • Thermometry bridges for primary and secondary laboratories accuracy <20ppb
  • Resistance bridge calibrator
  • Standard resistors
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  • General purpose black body sources
  • Laboratory high emissivity black body sources
  • Fixed point cells ITS-90 for black body sources
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