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Coronavirus Covid-19

18-03-2020 12:10:00

Coronavirus Covid-19 has caused great concern throughout the world. Our company closely monitors the situation and all measures and advice from the Greek Health Authorities. Protecting the health and safety of our customers, employees and their families, and the community is of utmost importance to us.

In the face of this unprecedented crisis, the most effective protection for all of us is our responsible attitude. We are Staying at Home #Menoumespiti. We limit unnecessary travel and follow the instructions of the Competent Health Authorities.

Our company applies teleworking to the part of our staff that the nature of their work allows. In our offices there is only the necessary staff who comply with the rules and guidelines of Health Authorities. We ask our customers to use the online contact form at as well as the email ( to contact us. This will make it easier for you to communicate with us and make your requests processed faster. All our services and your orders are carried out properly.

40 years of presence in the Greek market with new partnerships

21-10-2019 13:30:00

Completing 40 years of presence in the Greek market selling high technology products and support services, our company strengthens its position in the Greek market by concluding strategic partnerships with Evikon MCI OÜ, Laser Diagnostic Instruments AS, MCQ Instruments, ONSET Computer Corporation for the distribution and technical support of their products in Greece.

Thus, the portfolio of products we distribute is enriched with new categories and at the same time new innovative products complement the categories we sell in the Greek market for 40 years.

Completion of a Ministry of Education project to upgrade digital ICT infrastructures to 121 schools with a budget of 1.297.598,00 €

14-03-2019 18:30:00

The contract No. 06/2018 with the Ministry of Education for "Supply and installation of equipment for the upgrade of digital infrastructures of Information and Communication Technology in 121 selected primary and secondary schools", with a budget of 1.297.598,00 euros, successfully completed by the association of suppliers "SCIENTIFIC ENTERPRISES LTD - METRICA SA" in which our company participated with 50.40%.

The project consisted of the supply and installation of computers, printers, projectors, raspberry pi based clients, Arduino based STEM kits, 3D printers, 3D scanners and Thymio robots.