Automatic Measuring Station installations

meteorological, hydrological, road condition, air pollution

Our company has supplied and installed in Greece and Cyprus for state and private clients more than 400 Automatic Measuring Stations (meteorological, hydrological, road condition, air pollution), of which a large number (197) is shown in the map which follows.

The colored circle with the number inside indicates the number of stations in the wider area. Clicking on the circle activates a zooming action projecting the location of the stations in the area. The color of the circles varies according to the number of the stations in the area and the zoom percentage applied. The type of the measuring station is indicated by the color coding shown in the side table. Clicking on the symbol, the owner of the station is projected.

The refresh button at the top left corner of the map resets the map in the original condition.

Color index
SymbolStation type
Road condition
Air pollution

Map of Automatic Measuring Stations

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